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New Student Enrollment

  • Available to ANYONE ANYWHERE with an internet connection
  • All lessons completed online
  • Quizzes and Exams graded automatically online in real time
  • After completing a lesson, the next lesson will be immediately available - no waiting!
  • COST: NZ $9/month -  7 day free trial - can be canceled at any time
  • pdf lesson downloads included along with online course content
  • Full colour - includes all pictures, charts, graphs and maps - some video content
  • Create an online account today and begin your 7 day free trial.  Simply cancel at the end of the trial period if not completely satisfied
  • Only available to those with a New Zealand postal address
  • Lessons completed through the post
  • Quizzes and Exams must be returned to NZCSB office for marking
  • Next lesson dependent upon correction and postal service turn-around time
  • COST: postage to us and return - for average student this is about NZ $10/month
  • Paper lessons only - pdf lesson downloads available for a nominal cost
  • Same written content, but to save paper and cost, lessons are in black/white and most non-written content has been edited out
  • Enroll today and we will post you a free, no obligation information packet
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