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General Student Information
(Postal Version)


Fill out the online application or send us a written note to our snail mail address at the bottom of this page.  We will send you an information packet with everything you need to get started, including your first lesson. We do not send information packets or lessons via email or through our website.



When you return to us your first lesson's work, you will be automatically enrolled as a student in the NZ Correspondence School of the Bible. You may withdraw or re-enroll at anytime by simply dropping us an email.


Student Number

You will be assigned a student number when you apply for your info pack. This number, along with your name should appear on all of your work and on any correspondence.


Time Limits

You may take as much or as little time as you wish to complete any of your lessons. Participating in the NZCSB does not obligate you to finish all of the lessons we offer. The only thing we ask is that you study chronologically through our programme – it is not possible to study particular books of the Bible out of sequence unless you purchase them on your own for personal study outside of our normal programme.



We realize Kiwis are accustomed to using many different Bible versions. The nature of our programme however is that we are covering all 66 books of the Bible, verse-by-verse. Some courses rely heavily upon comparing translations or comparing the English with the original languages  – our approach however is to allow the Bible to interpret itself by comparing Scripture with Scripture (I Cor 2:13). To this end it is essential that we all use the same translation and thus your lessons are keyed to the same Bible that all of the English translations compare themselves to - the old King James Bible (KJB), sometimes referred to as the Authorized Version of 1611 (AV 1611).

Your information packet will include a copy of the books of John & Romans (KJB) – this will provide all you need to complete your first level of lessons. Those within New Zealand who successfully complete all of the lessons in Level One will earn, if they so desire, a FREE King James Bible. This will enable you to pursue your studies throughout the remainder of your course.



Your only cost is postage – both to us and return. Our handy system of providing you with two envelopes for each lesson enables you to easily prepay that cost with a few stamps. There are no course fees or tuition fees of any kind. As long as you keep studying and maintain a New Zealand address, we will keep providing lessons free of charge until you complete the course.

Students who wish to study lessons out of sequence or interested parties living outside of New Zealand have the option of purchasing the entire programme or lessons over individual books of the Bible in a digital format for a small fee. We also offer lessons in several foreign languages via digital download for a small fee.

As a faith ministry, we will not ask for donations, but will gladly accept them if you have found the course a blessing and the Lord so touches your heart. Donations of $5 or more are eligible for a receipt and rebate as our parent ministry is registered with the Charities Commission.



Level One covers the Bible books of John & Romans and is 18 lessons in length. After Level One is successfully completed, you will be given a certificate of completion for that level, as well as a copy of your marks and the right to move on the second level of lessons. This process may be repeated through all ten levels of lessons. The student who faithfully studies through the entire NZCSB programme will earn a Diploma in Biblical Studies (Dip. Bib.S.). Such an effort will take the student through every verse of the Bible. For the books of the Bible covered in each level of lessons, see our Course Structure.

Please note that the NZCSB programme is not approved by the NZ Qualifications Authority and we can not guarantee that your coursework or diploma will be accepted by any other institutions.



All work is graded according to the following scale:

                      A 100-94%
                      B 93-86%
                      C 85-74%
                      D 73-65%
                      F Below 65% (Failing)

Most lessons in Level One will involve a 20-25 question quiz covering the Bible passages and lesson material for that lesson. Most tests will involve 50-100 questions covering the entire book of the Bible involved. The length and level of difficulty of your lessons will gradually increase as you work your way through our programme.



Many of your questions are probably already answered on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.  Questions regarding any of your graded work or any aspect of the lessons or scriptures being covered may be posted on our Facebook page.  Alternatively you can send us an email or message us on Facebook.  If you do not have access to the internet you can always slip a note in with your lessons.

Foreign Languages

Some of our lessons are available in various foreign languages thanks to missionaries around the world who have translated our programme for use among their own peoples.   As we do not speak these languages, we only offer grading over lesson one.  After that the student is responsible for all self-study and self-correcting using the answer keys provided with their materials.

For students with NZ mailing addresses, we will provide lessons and grading for free for only level one.  Other lessons and answer keys will need to be purchased via the DOWNLOAD tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.

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