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Recommended Resources

Thanks for taking the time to browse our recommended resources. There are many good books, computer software, and websites out there - here are some that we have found to be a blessing. We hope you find them encouraging and genuinely useful in your studies!

Computer Software for Bible Study

E-Sword - free Bible study resource

Sword-Searcher - much more comprehensive and worth the investment!

Christian Bookstores

Marlborough Bible Baptist Church Bookstore - We operate a bookstore in conjunction with the Marlborough Bible Baptist Church in Blenheim and therefore stock a number of good, conservative Christian books that are written by Bible-believing authors . If you wish to read a good book to further your knowledge on a particular topic then chances are we have something for you! We also stock good Christian music, study materials, Bible marking pens, etc. Our inventory is ever changing, so contact us to see what we can do for you! All profits through the bookstore go towards church planting work in New Zealand.

Bible Believer’s Bookshop – Palmerston North - Wide selection of Bibles and uplifting Bible study resources.

Verity Charity Publications - Online bookstore for the publications of Dr Jeff Williams, founder of the NZCSB.

Bible Study Aids

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance - a concordance of every word that appears in the Bible.  The print version is helpful, but the digital version that usually comes with most Bible study software makes Bible searches quite easy.

Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge - the TSK is essentially a big book of cross references (related passages to look up) which can be very handy for sermon preparation and personal study.   Print versions are helpful - digital versions that come with some Bible study software programmes are even more so.

Smith's Bible Dictionary - contains more than 6,000 detailed definitions, articles, and illustrations to help you study.

Pigma Micron Pens by Sakura - the very best Bible marking pens!   The come in a wide variety of colours and come as pens (for writing) and brushes (for highlighting).   They do not bleed through most Bible pages and are sold in a wide variety of thicknesses allowing you to write incredibly fine lines.   We recommend the .005mm size which is the finest thickness.

New Zealand Churches

New Zealand Church Directory - many students ask us about a good, Bible-believing church in their area that we can recommend.  This directory link will be a help to those looking for churches in the major NZ centres that teach and preach the Bible in a manner similar to the New Zealand Correspondence School of the Bible.



We do not have control over most of these products and sites and can not vouch for everything on them. We recommend them with the expectation that you will exercise spiritual discernment and that you will eat the meat while spitting out the bones so to speak. However, most of these resources we have found very hellpful.

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