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Sending and Receiving your Lessons


Online Version


All lessons are completed via our online learning platform.  All quizzes and tests are graded in real time as you complete them.  All certificates are available for immediate download when you complete a course section. When you complete one lesson, the next will be immediately available.  There is nothing to return or receive from our office.


Postal Version (NZ Postal addresses only)

Receiving your Lessons


At the NZCSB we aim to have a turn-around time of no longer than three working days. When volumes are light, we often get lessons corrected and posted back out the same day. During busy periods and public holidays, the process may take a little longer. When you receive a return envelope from us, it should contain the following:

  • The quizzes or tests you sent in for marking

  • One or more new lessons for you to complete

  • A blank return envelope for you to self-address and stamp

  • A lesson envelope with our address printed on it that you will also need to stamp

  • When you complete a level, you will also receive a certificate and a copy of your grades up to this point


Some students go through withdrawals between lessons without anything to work on. The simple way to always have a lesson on the go is to send in one to be graded while keeping a second one to work on while waiting for the post. If you would like this to happen for you as well, just slip us a note in your next lesson.

We are human and it is possible you may receive the wrong materials or we may fail to include a new lesson – just return any incorrect materials to us or let us know through a private message on the Facebook page about any omissions and we’ll get right on to it. If we forget to send you envelopes, you can always substitute regular envelopes.

If you have mailed a lesson in to us and it has not been returned within 10 working days, then let us know. Rarely does mail go missing, but it can happen. We have found the four biggest culprits for delayed mail are:

  • Lessons or correspondence that does not have your student number on it

  • Students incorrectly addressing their own envelopes

  • Insufficient postage

  • Failing to fill out lower left corner of the lesson envelope - as we assign lessons to different volunteers to be marked, if you fail to tell us what lesson is in the envelope, we will put it in the miscellaneous pile and your lessons instantly gain lowest priority for correction.


Remember that your return envelope will be heavier than the lesson envelope you send us due to the two envelopes and the bulk of any enclosed lessons. More than 10mm thick and NZ Post has been known to return mail to us, slap our students with "postage due" charges and even forward mail to scary, unknown government offices for a several week run-around. From Level Three onwards, return envelopes will require double postage if you are sending or receiving more than one lesson at a time.

Although NZ Post has not yet fully implemented their new system, noises are being made that a lack of postal codes may soon be yet another cause for delayed or returned mail – please use the correct postal code.

Sending your Lessons

Once you have completed your lesson and are ready to have it marked, simply post it back to us at the NZCSB office. Your lesson envelope has been preprinted with our address. We will grade it and send you the next lesson (or more if you request) in the series. Getting your lessons back as soon as possible is simply a matter of insuring that you have done the following:


Have you:

  • Have you have completed all the questions?

  • Have you signed your name if asked to read an assigned book of the Bible?

  • Have you stamped and self-addressed the return envelope?

  • Do you have the proper postage on both envelopes?


Please note – we will not pay "postage due" charges for short paid envelopes.

  • Is your student number on all lessons and/or correspondence?

  • Have you marked on the outside of your lesson envelope which lessons are enclosed?  Again, this step helps us to assign your lessons to the proper person for grading.  Leaving this blank will definitely slow things down for you.


This may sound like a lot to do, but after doing it once or twice, you will see that these are simple steps that make it much easier for our staff to process your lessons in a speedy manner.

If you have any questions or comments about your lessons, or the text studied, a great place to find answers and insightful thoughts is the NZCSB community forum on our Facebook page. Of course, you can always jot your question at the end of your lesson, but please note that it may involve an extra day or two of processing time to get an answer back to you.  We love questions, but they can be time consuming and delay the return of your materials.

Thank you for being a student with the NZCSB! We praise God for your willingness to study with us and hope that our course is a blessing to you! By following the above procedures you will be doing your part to be a blessing to us!

NZCSB Postal Address


PO Box 484
Blenheim 7240

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