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Why study with the NZ Correspondence School of the Bible?

#5 Our postal version is FREE


Our purpose is to teach people the Bible, not to make money. The NZCSB is supported by local churches, donations, and the hard work of our volunteers. We therefore are able to offer you the paper version of this course tuition free!  Your only cost is the postage on your lessons to us and back to you.  If you choose the online version, it's even cheaper!  The small fee we charge is less than the postage you would pay in sending us three lessons a month!


#4 Our course is BIBLE-FOCUSED


Rather than push the teachings of some group or denomination, we strive to make the Bible our final authority. We do this through a "look up the verse and answer the questions" method of teaching.  This encourages you to read what the Bible ACTUALLY SAYS rather than getting caught up in what someone thinks it means! Download a sample lesson by clicking here.


#3 PROVEN since 1992


We are New Zealand’s longest serving, free Bible education course. Thousands of students have studied God’s word with us. Our correspondence files are bursting with stories of students who have come to Christ as Saviour – lives changed – marriages & relationships repaired – fears conquered – people back in church, in the ministry, over addictions – all testimonies to the life changing power of Jesus Christ through his written word!

#2 FLEXIBLE study program


Study at your own pace. There are no exams and no 15 page papers to be done by the end of the week. The NZCSB allows you to study according to the pace at which you learn best - this makes it ideal for homeschoolers, stay at home mums, prisoners, the elderly, or even those currently pursuing other forms of education.




The most important thing you can do with the word of God is APPLY IT TO YOUR LIFE! Our goal is not to help you win Trivial Pursuit or your next Sunday School contest, but to win at life! Our nation is full of real people with real problems – God’s word is the only GENUINE solution!

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